Lost Cats Found Using Phone Technology

If you have a missing dog, or even a missing cat and have already checked the Local Vets office, Animal shelters, Posted Flyers, and Newspaper Ads, now there is a new technology that is finding pets at a 70 percent success rate. The service can call all of your neighbors in under one hour. Most people find their pets immediately.  The technology works so well because it can reach so many people so fast! The calls can go to every house, even unlisted numbers, (they are an do not call exempt organization because they are not selling anything). There are no guarantees ever, however this method is your best chance of finding your lost cat today!

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lost dog finder

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One Response to Lost Cats Found Using Phone Technology

  1. Rosie says:

    We received several comments from people who “got the call”. It was a great way to get many eyes and hears looking for our cat quickly!

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